Sunday, 1 February 2009


I am in awe. Yes, that is exactly the right wording: AWE

Yesterday after a heavenly yoga and a most entertaining meyhane session with most interesting friends and a talk that streched minds, I returned home.

At home, in a totally alone night, I closed all the lights and submerged myself into darkness (well, unfortunately u can never get total darkness in a city) and observed myself taking pleasure from the new sense -balance brought about by the loss of my eyesight. My other senses immideately got sharper trying to compensate, but mostly the ears took over.

Then, I put on "The Planets", a documentary of BBC. I think I was totally taken in for the next two hours. I only remember myself being very much moved by the mystery, by the uncomprehensible beauty and...really, my thoughts defy any translation into words. Watch for yourself!

I felt proud of the human effort, intelligence and curiosity and my God, the perfection and beauty of all those calculations. If I had `known that mathematics and physics were the languauge of the universe, than I would have studied MUCH more in my science classes.

I think that the scientists that can get into the vibe of the universe are chosen people. I wish very much that I could have closed the door of my labaratory to the rest of the world and then get lost among the stars and planets, through and through. How I would have loved to have acess to all this data, how I would have loved to be there among all those lucky people who can evaluate the transmitted information.

Well, it is too late now. And after all I am, in fact very happy with my cup of tea, history:)) Still I would be most happy if my daughter worked in NASA or LOS ALAMOS (my genius brother worked there for a while) or CERN.

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