Saturday, 5 June 2010


Quite unexpectedly
A jewel in the middle...of the Topkapı palace!
Knowledge and a subtle perspicacity united in a delightful body:))
My God, such a rare commodity!!!
Stings of pearls dispersed
in my mind,
as the sultans left some of their food in large brass trays
for their kuls and janissaries in waiting...
Just as the burgundy taffeta skirt of a circassian cariye rustled around a corner
I could not help but notice the fullness of the lower lip that so attractively accompanied the fullness of the brain. we met some of the well built, tall and handsome Balkan boys
something too much of Reşat Ekrem dominated the tone of the akhabari
and I fell into a poignant deep cliff of doubt, hımm...
a solid insuperable barricade??? something I would rather not traverse???
or just a matter of laconic wit opposed to the attic one..(not too bad as long as there is one)
now that would be dealable...
I do not want an amelioration though, I want a cure...
or rather an illness of mutual madness
or rather to lather in passionate waters
only to burn in mounting fires...
What then about the twisting and whirling tornado
that pushes far aside and than pulls back forcefully
that would be desirable at one level only...

That French accent and the deep voice is the blessing of the year,
the sweet glory of the summer,
the most motivating carrot ever...
it is something through and through at every possible level...
that serene and the uneventful day
is capable of breeding thunders and storms, would u say
and if so
would u dare

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