Monday, 24 October 2011

Doin notin is fun:))

I stopped in the middle of the sea
In an equal distance between back and forth
Standing here watching, as autumn took away all my energy
and encased me into this passive-observer state of wonder
Usually a place I do not like
Away from the safety of the shore or the glory of the destination.
But standing in the middle...
Not bad as it used to be
My muscles are strong, my concentration not concentrated on flight nor fight...
Bur rather on pleasure...
It wavers on sunrise, sundawn, breezes, tempests, waves and winds.
And of course lush green forests
I am gonna move soon, I know...
Just a little bit more...
Just a little bit more in bed, just a little bit more at home, just a little bit more within
Just a little bit more doin notin...
Waitin for
Many things to unfold and manifest
So many delicious things:))

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