Sunday, 17 August 2008

Reason d'etre

Ok. I love Alice in Wonderland. I love that merry-go-round and psychedelic way Carroll adopts to show the absurdity of a world which is not governed by basic rationality and logic. Well, what do u expect from a mathematician and a logician living under the comforting blanket of 19th cc. positivisim? Still, though Alice was about to lose her head at the end, she sure had a delicious adventure. So Mr. Carroll must also be pointing to the element of fun and colour in the irrational.
Well, I am also about to start my own adventure in the deep and dark woods of history which covers its goodies by its thick and emerald green ivies. (Yes, that brings to mind a scene from the Sleeping I give away too much that I am the mother of a seven year old beauty. At the moment we are reading "Ottoline and the Yellow Cat" and loving it)...I will stroll through the labyrinths of the past wonderlands and since the post and the post-post modern historiography rejects any possibility of scientific rationality in history, I will be pretty much like Alice. And anyway we have lot in common... to start with, we both believe that a book without pictures is no use...and we both give ourselves very good advice but then do not follow:))
The reason d'etre of this first blog...and I did never have a diary or anything like that before.. I do not even write letters...-isssssssss that I have to write my thesis and this blog will be my conscience which will take the strictest protestant ethic as its unwavering guide . And plus if I can not write this thesis I will be publicly disgraced by means of this blog:)))Here, I will register my daily work, judge myself ruthlessly, raise rhetoric questions and most importantly try to contain the psychological turmoil that people who just wrote their thesis warn u about with a peculiar frozen expression...and of course relate all the exciting and juicy information I stumble into. But bewarned reader! What I find exciting often bores other people to death.
Yes u may be wondering why on earth, after giving a break of more than ten years I am throwing myself into the wild and pitiless waves of the gradute studies and master thesis???Well, in a nutshell, history turns out to be the chocolate of my mind -and here is a classified information about me...if there is one thing I can not resist in the whole wide world, it is chocolate...and chocolate , please excuse my French, is my Achilles heel...

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